Girl Who Was Rescued In Respiratory Arrest From A Kicker

Girl Who Was Rescued In Respiratory Arrest From A Kicker

A minor, who has been rescued from a boat at sea, remains in critical condition in the intensive care unit of the Hospital Materno Infantil de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, to which she has been transferred after arriving at the port of Arguineguín (in the southwest of the island) with severe hypothermia that led to cardiorespiratory arrest. The girl arrived accompanied by her mother, who assures that her daughter is five years old, despite her small size.

A Maritime Rescue crew member disembarks at the Arguineguín dock a baby who arrived in cardiac arrest after being rescued in a dinghy five miles from Gran Canaria along with 51 sub-Saharan immigrants: 29 women, 14 men and 9 minors. The emergency services have referred 7 people to hospitals: 1 critical minor, 4 hypothermic minors and two adults.

In addition, eight other minors required hospitalization in the ward where they are recovering from moderate hypothermia. The girl had to be treated on the asphalt of the same pier by two members of the Red Cross. The minors were rescued by Maritime Rescue on Tuesday night along with 29 women, one of them pregnant, 14 men and nine children. Four adults also had to be referred to health centers: a woman with severe hypothermia and two men with moderate hypothermia to the Insular Hospital and a pregnant woman to the Maternal and Child Hospital.

Among the minors there are children of both sexes and ages ranging from one year to thirteen. Two of them are brothers, ages five and thirteen, who claim to travel alone, without an adult accompanying them, according to sources consulted by Efe.

The occupants of the boat have reported when arriving at the pier that they left Dakhla, in the south of the Sahara, and that they had been at sea for four or five days. His boat had been detected on Tuesday after seven in the afternoon by the radar of the coastal surveillance system SIVE, when it was about 15 kilometers from the south of Gran Canaria, and was later located by a Maritime Rescue helicopter.

On the afternoon of this Wednesday, another boat had to be rescued by Salvamento Marítimo 150 kilometers southwest of Gran Canaria. In it, 36 immigrants of sub-Saharan origin traveled, including two minors and two babies, who were sailing in a boat from which the body of an adult man was thrown into the sea last night. This expedition consisted of 18 women, 14 adult men and four minors, two of them very young, reports Efe.

While this operation was underway, 79 migrants have disembarked in the Port of Arguineguín traveling in two vessels intercepted by Maritime Rescue in Canary waters. Three of its occupants, two men and one woman, have been transferred to a hospital for different pathologies, as reported by the 112 Canarias.

Shortly after, 31 migrants arrived at the Las Cebollas Pier in Arrecife (Lanzarote) after their boat was rescued seven miles from Arrieta. In this case, they are all men and among them there are two minors, who present an apparent good state of health, according to Europa Press.

In the first half of March, 239 immigrants arrived on the shores of the Canary Islands in boats . This figure represents an increase of 119% compared to the last 15 days of February, when 109 people arrived on the islands, according to data from the Ministry of the Interior.

In this way, the downward trend experienced in February is reversed, in which 155 (first fortnight) and 109 immigrants (second fortnight) arrived irregularly in the archipelago. The 2,580 people who have arrived so far this year represent a setback compared to those registered in the last months of 2020. However, they represent more than double the 1,219 who arrived from January 1 to March 15, 2020.