Electoral Advance Of Ayuso Stopped A Pact With 250 Million

Electoral Advance Of Ayuso Stopped A Pact With 250 Million

PP and Citizens were ready to try to close the support of Vox to the Budgets of the Community of Madrid with an increase in direct aid to the hospitality industry (from 86 to 250 million euros); an increase in the dependency item (46 million); and transfers to ideological claims of the extreme right: cut Administration expenses by 46 million, open the door to eliminate subsidies and analyze the cost of taking in unaccompanied foreign minors.

This is reflected in the documentation that EL PAÍS has accessed, which does not mention the activation of the parental educational veto , requested by Vox, and which was validated by two sources of the negotiation. Everything was blown up on Wednesday 10 , when Isabel Díaz Ayusohe called elections because of the fear that the PSOE and Cs would replicate the motions of censure in Murcia in Madrid.

Ayuso launches his electoral campaign in Sol
The president surrounds herself with the hard wing of the PP for a campaign of ideological confrontation

The representatives of the three parties that led to the inauguration of the president of Madrid in August 2019 were summoned to a meeting that Wednesday the 10th in the afternoon. PP and Cs, who woke up that day as government partners, hoped to close a negotiation at the meeting that had already taken more than a month.

One more indication that Cs was not preparing a motion of censure with the PSOE in Madrid, as both Ignacio Aguado and Ángel Gabilondo have defended .

“It was a counterproposal of 15 points to what Vox had raised,” explains a source familiar with the Executive’s approach.

“We had the impression that the agreement would come soon, but we do not know exactly what they were going to answer that afternoon,” concedes a source who has the confidence of Rocío Monasterio, the regional leader of Vox. “It was being negotiated.”

Ideological meeting points
The offer of PP and Cs included many of the budgetary proposals of the extreme right and looked for meeting points in the ideological ones. The educational parental veto, which would force schools to seek parental permission before any talk or workshop, had already been discarded by both Díaz Ayuso and Aguado.

And closing the deal depended on the drafting of several points designed to meet Vox’s demands for ideological inspiration without anyone being able to say that PP and Cs had given their arm to twist.

Thus, where Monastery demanded ” cut political spending and put an end to chiringuitos “, Díaz Ayuso and Aguado were ready to assume a reduction in Administration spending amounting to 46 million euros (35.7 by canceling administrative support contracts; 4 by eliminating rents; 3.9 by eliminating agencies; and 2.3 by cutting promotion expenses).

They were also open to an audit of the grants awarded by the Community in the last legislature. And they also promised to entrust the Independent Authority for Fiscal Responsibility (AIReF) with a review of the effectiveness of this expenditure, opening the door for Vox to claim in the future to stop financing initiatives related to feminism, LGTBI rights, or the aid to immigrants, as had already been raised in the investiture pact.

In fact, the proposal, dated March 8, specifies: “The conclusions of the study carried out will serve as the basis for the adoption of future decisions regarding the subsidy policy of the Community of Madrid”. In case there are doubts, it is detailed that the control of subsidies “will be limited to some specific lines.”

In parallel, and after seeing how the extreme right based a large part of its regional strategy on denouncing an alleged increase in insecurity in the capital’s neighborhoods, blaming unaccompanied foreign minors, PP and Cs granted a “reinforcement of the security of juvenile centers ”which would entail collaborating“ intensively with the competent authorities in matters of external security and public order ”, and a“ cost analysis of the different forms of fostering minors ”to review them if necessary. Of course, taking care to specifically mention foreign minors.

In addition, the Vox proposal to promote a “Support Plan for pregnant adolescents” was accepted. This party, which has a deputy who does ultrasound at the doors of voluntary interruption of pregnancy clinics , so that the women who attend hear the heartbeat of the embryos, has already proposed in the Assembly a school maternity leave to encourage these pregnancies come to term.

“Greater resources will be provided to address these social emergency situations in cases where they cannot be supported by families and may lead to school dropouts,” the text states.

Finally, the support of the three parties for special education as a way of confronting the central government, and the so-called Celaá Law , was reaffirmed . “The Community of Madrid is firmly committed to the maintenance of special education in its own configuration, and against the initiatives of the Government of the Nation to denature special education or subsume it in ordinary education”, reads point nine .

250 million in aid to the hospitality industry
Economically, the coalition government agreed to invest 250 million in direct subsidies to the hospitality sector (including nightlife, thus activating a claim originally promoted by Aguado); the dependency budget was increased by 46 million euros (10% more than the current one); and the financing of the nursery check was increased by 6.7 million, which already attends to all the applications presented, so the money received by families who choose private education between 0 and 3 years would have increased.

It also gave the go-ahead to promote a bonus on social security contributions for home caregivers to benefit families; to reinforce the mental health plan with five million; to finance a plan to fight addictions to new technologies; to dedicate three million to the Revive Plan, focused on NGO programs to serve unpopulated areas or areas with urgent needs, such as Cañada Real; and streamline payment to suppliers. All these points are star aspects of the Monastery program, which has targeted the working-class neighborhoods to take off electorally in Madrid.

Would that have been enough to gain support from Vox? The proposed agreement, points out a source from the far-right party, did not include requirements such as parental veto, the revision of the cost for each child taken in, or the reduction of personal income tax by half a point .

However, Monasterio had already made it clear in public that agreeing implies giving in, and that she was willing to do so. “There will be Budgets,” he said, not knowing that the electoral advance would make everything explode.