Olivia Rodrigo Is The Young Disney Star Who Sweeps Spotify

Olivia Rodrigo Is The Young Disney Star Who Sweeps Spotify

Olivia Rodrigo , only 18 years old, has become the new promise of music thanks to her debut song ‘ Driver’s License ‘, with which she has led all the statistics for the month of February on Spotify: she has been number 1 for eight weeks of reproductions in the music platform in ‘streaming’ and with almost half a million listeners.

And it is that, with more than 185 million reproductions around the world, the song that the ‘Disney girl’ dedicated to her ex-partner has become a success. The ‘ top 15’ of songs with the most ‘streaming’ in the last month is completed by artists of the stature of Bad Bunny , The Weeknd or Dua Lipa .

A stellar solo debut
Despite the boom that vinyl is having , the time when searching the shelves of a record store was the best way to find new music is long gone. Now, in the digital age, Spotify has become the most powerful music streaming platform, and an artist’s success or failure is priced in a new currency of value: streams.

And Rodrigo, despite having started his solo musical career this year, is already a heavyweight in streaming .

The young Californian artist had her beginnings in acting thanks to series such as ‘ Bizaardvark ‘ or ‘ High School Musical: The Musical Series’, both from the multinational Disney. Despite the fact that Rodrigo had already performed the main songs of the series based on the famous teenage film ‘High School Musical’, ‘Driver’s License’ has been the singer’s debut with a song of her own.

With clear inspirations from the music of Taylor Swift or Lorde , which Rodrigo has admitted to admiring, ‘Driver’s License’ became a hit in a matter of days. The song, on its first day, failed to reach 2 million views. However, these figures multiplied in subsequent days to reach almost 14 million views on its fourth day, figures that tripled the next most listened song: ‘ DÁKITI ‘, by Bad Bunny.

Flourish logoA flourish chart
In fact, this ballad dedicated to lost love, has broken a world record and has become the song with the most reproductions in a single week on Spotify.

Not only the reproductions of her music have skyrocketed, but also her followers on social networks, who now call themselves ‘livies’ (by her first name, Olivia).

In just two months, the followers of the young artist have multiplied to almost 8 million followers in all of her networks, such as Instagram, Twitter or YouTube.

Eclectic ‘top 15’ trends
Far from the ‘Disney girl’ have been the rest of the artists who have marked the musical trends of February. A ranking of the 15 songs most listened to this last month that is characterized by its diversity and eclecticism, going from the 80s ‘synth pop’ of The Weeknd to the Latin trap of Karol G.

His performance in the Superbowl – the final of the American football league – was not enough for The Weeknd to match Rodrigo’s data. However, the singer has managed to cast two of his songs – ‘ Save Your Tears’ and ‘Blinding Lights’ – among the most played in February. ‘ After Hours’ , the Canadian’s latest work, has been highly valued by international critics.