BWAW Shows Female Empowerment In The Business World

BWAW Shows Female Empowerment In The Business World

The Barcelona Woman Acceleration Week ( BWAW ), organized by the Consorci de la Zona Franca de Barcelona ( CZFB ) and the Incyde Foundation of the Chambers of Commerce, has ended its first edition this Friday in which it has positioned itself as a reference meeting to actively advance gender equality in the business sphere and which also contributes to making Barcelona visible as a key city for the development of the new economy, more sustainable and with higher standards in terms of gender parity.

Along these lines, the CZFBhas confirmed that there will be a second edition to be held from March 2 to 4, 2022. BWAW has held a closing ceremony chaired by Jaume Collboni , first deputy mayor of Barcelona City Council, accompanied by Pere Navarro, special delegate of the State in the CZFB, Blanca Sorigué, general director of the CZFB, José Luis Bonet, president of the Incyde Foundation and the Spanish Chamber of Commerce, and Verónica Ollé, general secretary of RTVE.

Collboni wanted to point out that “it is evident that especially technical careers or the technology and digital industry, in which Barcelona wants to be a benchmark, there is significant inequality. Gender equality is a fundamental requirement and not appreciating female talent is expensive and more and more companies are aware of this.

Of all the people who work in the technological field in Barcelona today, only 8% are women, so public-private collaboration is important to take advantage of the potential of all the talents that we have in the city, of different genders, ages and origin ”.

Along the same lines, Navarro has insisted that “the economy cannot do without female talent, and women can contribute a different vision to business management so that, together, we can add more” and thanked the “collaboration of all the speakers, partners and attendees of the event who have already turned BWAW into a space to share experiences and propose actions and initiatives that accompany us on this path to eliminate barriers and advance gender equality ”.

For his part, Bonet pointed out that “the crisis has brought us many problems, but also many lessons learned. We have before us a great opportunity to transform our society. And in this process of change and renewal, women have to play a prominent role.

Resilience and empathy are two qualities associated with women and which at this moment are of vital importance for the economic and social reconstruction that we have to face after the pandemic. ” According to Ollé, “the role of a media in this sense is essential and we, as public radio television, use all the means we have at our disposal to give visibility to gender equality.

In this first edition of BWAW, more than 2,200 people from all over Spain have attended virtually, of which 70% were women and 30% men, thus achieving the CZFB’s objective of reaching a wide audience with representation from Both genres.

Likewise, the predominant age group among BWAW followers (51%) is between 26 and 45 years old. All the sessions of the event have been broadcast from the sets of RTVE Catalunya in Sant Cugat del Vallès and RTVE in Madrid and have been followed from the BWAW website.

Thus, the CZFB and the Incyde Foundation, in collaboration with the Consell de la Dona de la Zona Franca, have created a benchmark event to promote interaction to promote solutions and projects that allow progress in gender equality. The first edition of BWAW had CaixaBank as Partners,

Within the framework of the Bwaw, the Barcelona Free Zone Consortium has presented a study carried out together with GESOP with the aim of analyzing the situation of the companies in the Barcelona Free Zone Park in terms of gender equality. The study shows that men have a greater specific weight in the business world than women.

74% of workers are men compared to 26% women. However, there is a greater number of women with university education, 31% compared to 26% of men, although the male gender continues to predominate in managerial positions. In this sense, of the total number of workers in this industrial zone, 18% are men who hold managerial positions, while women managers are limited to 12%.

Likewise, The only area in which the female gender predominates in the companies of the polygon is among the administrative personnel. Regarding working hours, the percentage of women who work part-time (9.4%) is double that of men (5.7%). Men, for their part, work more variable and night shifts.

Despite the fact that 93% of companies claim to be very or quite committed to gender equality, less than half have an equality plan and only a third have a protocol for the prevention of sexual harassment, which is more common among women. larger companies.

In the last sessions of the event, BChange has brought together María Peña, CEO of ICEX, Clara Arpa, president of the United Nations Global Compact for Spain, Inmaculada Riera, general director of the Spanish Chamber of Commerce and vice president of the Incyde Foundation , and Jorge Brown, vice president of the Advanced Leadership Foundation, with Pere Buhigas, director of RTVE Catalunya as moderated.