The Employers Association Foment Creates Rethink To Rethink Barcelona

The Employers Association Foment Creates Rethink To Rethink Barcelona

This Friday , the Barcelona Society for Economic and Social Studies of Foment del Treball presented Rethink BCN , a series of presentations that aims to give visibility to the metropolitan region of Barcelona and generate awareness of its social and economic needs.

The director of the re-founded Society for Economic Studies, Félix Riera, presented this Friday the bases on which this new space for debate and analysis is opened, which aims to “rethink the metropolis, offer greater knowledge and define the future of the region ”.

Riera has announced the launch of a new website, under the name Rethink BCN, in which 11 papers produced by experts in urban planning, health, technology, economy, politics, tourism and culture will be published, as well as interviews and other pieces. of public interest. “It is easy to think of Barcelona and its region, but its scope must be specified for the benefit of all citizens,” said Riera.

For the director of the project, “public-private collaboration and political consensus” are essential to propose a common space that not only improves services and the future prospects of its citizens, but also allows Barcelona to compete with other large European metropolises .

The cycle of presentations will begin next week with the publication of the text “The Barcelona Metropolitan Area: chronicle of an unfinished project”, prepared by the geographer and professor at the University of Girona José Antonio Donaire.

The initiative – aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals of Cities included in the 2030 Agenda of the European Union – has the space that acts as a nucleus of convergence of opinion and information on topics such as mobility, architecture or culture.

Riera has indicated that the informed debate is defended because “only a metropolitan region aware of its strength may be able to generate the necessary social and economic framework and governance” to maximize its capacities.

Rethink’s activity will have three axes: the cycles of reflection and debate both through the website and through presentations; the ‘Barcelona dialogues’, a space for interviews with prominent personalities who will share their experience on the importance of municipal governance; and the space ‘Make a city’, with citizen opinion.