Three Men Are Murdered Inside A Vehicle In Guatemala City

Three Men Are Murdered Inside A Vehicle In Guatemala City

Three men are murdered inside a vehicle in Guatemala City. The Central American country is one of the 15 most violent on the planet.

Three men were shot and killed this Wednesday in the north of Guatemala City when they were transported in a vehicle through a popular neighborhood.

According to the spokesman for the National Civil Police (PNC), Jorge Aguilar, the three fatalities were accompanied by a fourth man who, supposedly, is believed to have been the one who shot them and then escaped through the streets of the so-called San Antonio neighborhood, where they were produced the criminal act .

“There is information that there is a fourth man who would be responsible for shooting,” the police official told reporters.

Aguilar said that the bodies of the three men were left inside the vehicle, which will also be investigated by the authorities to establish whether it was used by a criminal organization .

The police spokesman added that the security forces already have information on the characteristics of the alleged person responsible for the triple murder and that they have mounted an operation to find his whereabouts and possible accomplices.

According to members of the Volunteer Firefighters (CBV), who attended the emergency, the three men have gunshot wounds in various parts of the body. A spokesman for that relief institution, Víctor Gómez, told local media that they made a tour of the area of ​​the act of violence to establish if there were more people injured, but assured that they only found the three deceased inside the private vehicle. The ages of the victims range between 30 and 40 years, without their identities being disclosed.

Guatemala is, according to international organizations, one of the 15 most violent countries on the planet and in the last decade alone it added more than 60,000 murders, most of them perpetrated with firearms. Furthermore, around 90% of homicides remain in impunity.

During 2020, the Central American country recorded 3,472 homicides, 25% less compared to 2019. Of the total deaths, 2,978 were men and 494 women, according to a report by the humanitarian organization Grupo de Apoyo Mutuo (GAM).