Biden Inauguration Playlist From Springsteen To Beyoncé

Biden Inauguration Playlist From Springsteen To Beyoncé

Biden’s inauguration playlist: from Springsteen to Beyoncé. The teams of the new president and new vice president, Kamala Harris, have released a compilation of revitalizing songs to follow the inauguration. Here you can follow the inauguration of the new US president, Joe Biden, live online.

We take care of our own’, ‘Free’, ‘Now or never’, ‘What you need’, ‘Optimistic’, ‘We the people’, ‘Good days’ … These are some of the revealing titles that includes a commemorative and festive musical ‘playlist’ to accompany the inauguration of the new President of the United States, Joe Biden .

A day that, it is not necessary to hide it, also celebrates the goodbye to Trump. Launched by Biden and vice president-elect Kamala Harris, it was created by rapper and producer DJ D-Nice and actress Issa Rae’s music label Raedio , in collaboration with the new leadership teams.

The list includes 46 songs, a nod to Biden, who now becomes the 46th president of the United States . A musical thread for the inauguration, which also includes musical performances. It is a transversal ‘playlist’, with artists from different generations.

And there are many singers from the United States but also from abroad, like Dua Lipa or Bob Marley. The list includes names like Bruce Springsteen, SZA, Stevie Wonder, Mac Miller, Marvin Gaye, Beyoncé, MF DOOM, Mary J. Blige, Burna Boy, SAULT, Kendrick Lamar or Led Zeppelin . In many cases, iconic and revitalizing songs and hopeful to face a new stage in the United States.

Joe Biden, during the presentation of his economic plan.
According to “Rolling Stone” magazine, the list includes the “ride songs” that will be played when Biden and Harris arrive at the opening. The musical medium points out that the song chosen by Biden is ‘We take care of our own’, by Bruce Springsteen; his wife Jill’s is’ You make my dreams (come true), by Hall & Oates; Harris’s theme is ‘Work that’ by Mary J. Blige; and her husband Emhoff’s is ‘You get what you give’, by New Radicals.

The list can be played continuously (hour and twenty minutes of music) here. ( It’s also on Spotify )