Another Simpsons Prediction Kamala Harris And President Lisa

Another Simpsons Prediction Kamala Harris And President Lisa

Another ‘Simpsons’ prediction: Kamala Harris and President Lisa.

The series created by Matt Groening highlights the incredible similarity in the clothes worn by the American vice president and the middle daughter of Homer and Marge.

For years, world news has been completed with a phrase: “It was already predicted by ‘The Simpsons'” . Countless events have been, truly or by “reasonable resemblance”, coinciding with some passage in the cartoon series.

Social networks have been filled again with a new episode, which only adds to the legend of the characters created by Matt Groening.

The new vice president Kamala Harris appeared in the act of appointing Joe Biden as president of the nation and the seasoned have been referred to the episode ‘Bart to the future’, in which the Springfield family is shown after a few years.

A similar style
Lisa is president of the United States (“The first heterosexual president of this country”) and her style is remarkably similar to that shown by Harris at the ceremony: purple jacket, gray body (with only one difference: Lisa’s is a turtleneck and Harris’s is only high). Even the necklace is the same .

The one with the cartoon character is a classic in its styling; in fact, she usually wears it as a girl, keeps it on the day of her frustrated wedding and continues to take her to the front of the Oval Office. Kamala appeared with a remarkably similar necklace. Over the years, Lisa has changed the look of her hairstyle: from the classic spikes to a more rounded one.

To end the reasonable resemblances, Lisa has reached the presidency … succeeding Donald Trump (whose political career, at the time the episode was released, in 2000, was not in sight).

Lisa’s presidential career is about to be ruined by Bart, who is a third-rate musician and who meddles in his sister’s management.