A Fire In OVH Leaves Hundreds Of Companies Without Websites

A Fire In OVH Leaves Hundreds Of Companies Without Websites

A fire in OVH, the largest ‘hosting’ in Europe, leaves hundreds of companies without websites.

The fire, which has not claimed personal casualties, has severely affected OVHcloud’s headquarters in Strasbourg, which serves more than 1.5 million customers worldwide.

The connection of many companies has been interrupted after the fire that devastated the building that OVHcloud , the largest web hosting company in Europe, has in Strasbourg at dawn this Wednesday . Fortunately, the fire was able to be put out without registering victims, but it did destroy one of the main databases, the ‘SBG2’, which housed more than 29,000 websites.

About a hundred firefighters have come to the area of ​​the events to fight the flames, a fire that started shortly after midnight in the industrial area of Port du Rhin and that lasted until after 7 in the morning .

Servers down
Despite the fact that only one of the four OVHcloud data towers has been seriously damaged by the flames – ‘SBG2’, cited above – “firefighters continue to cool the building with water”, its founder Octave Klaba tweeted at 7:20 , while adding that they did not have access to the building and that is why the rest of the servers would not restart all day.

With the fall of the servers of OVHcloud, the largest hosting company in Europe -which serves more than 1.5 million clients worldwide and who use 3.2% of the websites-, they have seen affected pages such as the French Government, the Strasbourg airport, popular video games such as Rust , the Pompidou Center or the Crétei Handball Club, which have had to hang the “not available ” sign after the fire.

Although some have already announced that their websites are now available again through other servers, the incident at the OVHcloud headquarters has left these websites offline for hours . And also to other small hosting companies that resell their services.

Klaba has used his social networks to report the reopening of the three servers that remain unused. The ‘SBG1’ and the ‘SBG4’ will start up again next Monday, while the ‘SBG3’ will have to wait until the next day 19.

For now, the company has presented “its most sincere apologies” to its affected customers, to whom it has already proposed a business recovery plan to solve the unavailability of its servers.

The last turnover of this company dates from 2019, in which it declared more than 600 million euros.