Prison For Two Men For Abusing Two Women In Terrassa

Prison For Two Men For Abusing Two Women In Terrassa

Prison for two men for robbing brothels and abusing two women in Terrassa. This is a group that used extreme violence during robberies and is also related to an entry into a private home.

Mossos agents have arrested six people in an investigation that has been carried out in several phases, as alleged perpetrators of two robberies with violence and intimidation in places where sexual activities were carried out and in one of which they sexually assaulted two workers .

On September 22 of last year, the police learned of a robbery with violence and intimidation in a Terrassa brothel in which there were three workers. To threaten the victims, the perpetrators drew knives. They took telephone sets, jewelry and cash and sexually assaulted two of the three girls. During the assault, the perpetrators exercised extreme violence at all times and the sexual assaults occurred in a particularly vexatious manner .

The police investigations to determine who could be behind this attack bore fruit and the investigators identified two young people of Dominican origin who were related to one of the workers of the robbed brothel , which would have provided previous information.

Subsequently, the agents detected two more assaults, one in a place where prostitution was practiced and the other in a private apartment, both in Barcelona.

These assaults were perpetrated on August 27 and December 2, 2020 and the perpetrators were also young people of Dominican origin who used violence with the victims: they tied them with bridles and threatened them with a knife and a pistol and carried cash. of the premises.

Various phases of the investigation
The criminal analysis efforts were successful and the agents established that there were several points of connection between the robberies: the assault on the victims always followed the same pattern, the perpetrators were young people who generated great intimidation in the victims to whom they they threatened with knives and sometimes firearms as well. The entire sequence of the assault took place in a context of violence that in many cases was extreme.

On December 14, 2020, under the judicial protection of Court number 4 of Terrassa, agents of the Central Unit for Sexual Assaults and the Specialized Robbery Group of the AIC of Barcelona, ​​established a police device that allowed the arrest of two of those investigated.

Investigators have been able to arrest at different stages four other people linked to the robbery of brothels and other violent robberies at home.

Two of the six detainees have entered prison after going to court.