European Medicines Agency Announces Its Decision On The Astrazeneca Vaccine

European Medicines Agency Announces Its Decision On The Astrazeneca Vaccine

The European Medicines Agency today announces its decision on the AstraZeneca vaccine. A dozen countries, including Spain, are waiting for the EMA to resume vaccination or not.

The European Agency of the drug (EMA) will decide early in the afternoon on Thursday whether to modify its analysis of the safety of the vaccine AstraZeneca against covid-19 after they have detected a t reintena cases of thrombosis among the five million vaccinated in the European Union with this drug.

For now, the agency continues to believe that the benefits of the vaccine outweigh the risks. It depends on his decision that a dozen European countries , including Spain , resume the vaccination campaign with this injectable.

The logo of the pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca is reflected in a drop of a vaccine against covid-19.

Europe plays it with AstraZeneca
At the center of the debate are the thirty cases of thrombosis detected among the five million vaccinated (according to the data collected up to March 10 and to which some more cases detected in recent days should be added). In Spain, three affected by thrombosis have been detected shortly after the first dose of AstraZeneca.

The first reports on the issue highlight that, for the moment, the number of cases detected among vaccinated people is not higher than the number of cases detected among the general population . So, for now, there is nothing to indicate that the Covid-19 vaccine increases the risk of these types of complications.

Among the options on the table, revoke the authorization (unlikely), endorse the use of the vaccine as before or restrict it according to the groups that present greater risks. The EMA’s safety commission (PRAC) will hold an extraordinary meeting this Thursday to “draw conclusions from the information gathered” and determine whether “further action is necessary.”

This Monday, the head of the EMA vaccination strategy and president of the agency’s specific working group for the pandemic, Marco Cavalieri, assured: “the benefits of the AstraZeneca vaccine are positive and we see no problem in continuing with vaccination campaigns using this vaccine, “he added below.

The Ministry of Health has already announced that it will abide by the decision adopted by the European Medicines Agency. The Government suspended the administration of AstraZeneca for fifteen days “out of prudence” last Monday, until it was clarified whether there is a causal relationship between these episodes and the vaccine itself, widely defended by the scientific community, which insists that the benefits are greater to continue using it than to do without it.

The department headed by Carolina Darias has already said that the ministry is “at the expense” of what the European body says and once it has reached a conclusion, the minister will call again the autonomies to make the decision on the continuation with the AstraZeneca vaccine.