Woman Loses Leadership Due To Temptations

Woman Loses Leadership Due To Temptations

‘Woman’ loses leadership due to ‘Temptations’, which score their worst quota due to the frontal collision.

Turkish fiction retained its faithful while ‘I’m alive’ in La 1 fell to its worst historical record.

‘The island of temptations’ premiered on Wednesday night taking the leadership away from ‘Woman’. Telecinco’s reality show, which this week doubles broadcast, garnered 22.2% and 2,923,000 viewers on average, its worst share of the edition due to the head-on collision with Turkish fiction and also to its shorter duration (the program cut some scenes in which Carlos appeared, arrested yesterday for sexual abuse).

For its part, ‘Mujer’ fell to 16.8% but retained its faithful, 2,215,000 viewers. Previously, ‘ El Hormiguero’ scored a very good 18.6% and 3,280,000 viewers with whom he led his time slot. In this section, the ‘Tentaciones’ reaped 16.8% and 2,935,000 faithful.

The third prime time option was laSexta with the film ‘ Sin perdón’ , which achieved a good 8% and 924,000 viewers, thus surpassing ‘Horizonte’ in Cuatro, which had a good 7.5% and 733,000 followers. For its part, La 1 sank with ‘I’m alive’ , which scored a very poor 6.2% and 1,060,000 viewers. The film ‘A dangerous therapy’ did not later exceed 3.6% with 403,000 viewers.

The announcement of Rocío Carrasco’s documentary brutally elevated ‘Sálvame’. The ‘lemon’ scored 15.8% and 1,859,000 viewers, the ‘orange’ a brutal 22.7% and 2,314,000 followers and the ‘tomato’ 19.1% and 2,672,000.

The most watched of the day was once again the second edition of ‘Antena 3 Noticias’ with a huge 21.7% and 3,590,000 viewers.

Ana Rosa once again led the morning in style with 21% and 695,000 viewers. ‘Espejo Público’ signed 14.4% and 405,000 followers in its first installment, its best share this week.

‘The roulette of luck’ returned to lead its time with 18.3% and 1,767,000 viewers despite the 2021 maximum of ‘It’s already noon’ with 14.8% and 1,300,000 viewers.

Telecinco led the day with a great 17.7%, while Antena 3 was second with 15.3%. LaSexta (7.8%) was again above La 1 (7.7%). Behind were Cuatro (4.9%), La 2 (2.8%) and Nova (2.6%) as the leader of the themes.