Indicators Rise Again In Catalonia A Few Hours From The First Weekend

Indicators Rise Again In Catalonia A Few Hours From The First Weekend

Discouraging data again today in Catalonia , where the risk of regrowth has been increasing for three days and experts (and the figures themselves) confirm that the decline in infections has stalled. In the last hours, 1,637 new positives have been detected, the highest figure in the last two weeks.

With the relaxation of some restrictions, especially with the fact that trips outside the region of residence with the coexistence group are allowed, mobility is expected to increase significantly this weekend , so experts and the Government itself asks the population for prudence and responsibility. Easter is approaching as a critical moment in the evolution of the covid epidemic in Catalonia.

According to the epidemiological data updated this Thursday by the Department of Health , the speed of reproduction of the disease (Rt) has increased again and is close to the point, it is at 0.99, compared to 0.97 yesterday. It is the fourth day of rise of this indicator. Regarding the regrowth, it goes from 185 to 190. In the last hours, in addition, 30 more deaths have been reported, a higher figure than those reported in recent days.

Income falls
However, the number of hospitalized covid patients drops again, and there are 1,409 (yesterday, 1,439), of which 423, as in the last report, are seriously ill in the ICU.

Epidemiologists, who attribute the spread of the most contagious variants to the fact that the epidemic curve is flattening, fear that the relaxation of restrictive measures could also affect this slowdown in the epidemic decline, and they are looking to the that is happening in Italy and France, where the virus has escalated again .

The scientists of the research group of Computational Biology and Complex Systems (BIOCOMSC) of the UPC confirmed yesterday the “bad news” in the evolution of the epidemic in Catalonia with a “stagnation of the decline”, an increase in infections and a possible worsening in some areas in the next few days.

“Unfortunately, if stagnation consolidates, it may be accompanied by a worsening in some areas. Hopefully it will not be in those in which they already have a difficult situation,” BIOCOMSC scientists point out on social networks, who recalled that, for For example, the regions of Central Catalonia have high incidences without decreasing for days.

The head of Epidemiology at Hospital Clínic, Antoni Trilla, was also concerned, stating in Betevé that Easter “is critical” and that a relaxation of the population could cause a “reversal” in the evolution of the pandemic.